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If The World Was Ending

Scared and paranoid
I come to you
Scared and annoyed
Tell me what to do.

In times of darkness
I look for you
In times of blackness
I pray for you.

“What do you want from me?”
If the world was ending
I come to ask thee
And prayers to you I’m sending.

Will you hear me out?
Or will you turn your back?
Tell me what’s this about
Tell me what I lack.

If the world was ending,
Will you be there next to me?
If everything is falling and bending,
Will you rescue me?

In times of darkness
I remember you’ll free us
When my soul is tired and i feel heartless
I turn my eyes upon Jesus.

I look at thee
When I’m tired and confused
“What do you want from me?”
I ask you when my soul is bruised.

I look at thee
When the world ends
I know what you want from me
You want us to be friends.

Nothing will separate me from your love
Even when I’m sinking
You keep my head above
And of me, you’re always thinking.

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