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The Seeking (Meet Jesus)

They told me to go find inner peace,
They told me to find the god that makes me rest.
I thought it would come with ease,
And i thought being godless was the best.

So i searched for Him in every corner
I looked for Him in every floating cloud
My seeking knew no border
And the demons around me were loud.

I tried searching for Him on mountain tops
I looked for Him under the deep ocean
But every time my soul drops
And fear takes over my motion.

I tried searching for Him in the depth of caves
My body was tired, all i knew was pain
My aching soul for Him craves
And my will to live started to drain.

But suddenly you swept me off my feet
And took me by surprise
My heart started to rapidly beat
And the world heard my cries.

I saw the light passing through me
I didn’t want to fight
It hit me like an epiphany
And suddenly something felt right.

You were near like a shadow
Attached to me like a key chain
My spirit revived, no more sorrow
You rose me and i felt no pain.

So i tried searching for you with the ants
Searched for you in every person i saw
Looked around through the plants
And everything seemed fresh and raw.

Through the kids’ smiles i saw thee
Your highness were undercover
Thought I’ll find you far away from me
But you were near like a brother.

Through the glass of water, i saw you
Given to me when i was thirsty
In the breaking of bread i recognized you
Your body that was fed to me.

So I’ll love, love unconditionally
Praise and preach at every door
Dance to every hymn and every melody
And you’ll be with me evermore.

He’s not far away
This is how you meet Jesus
Everyday is a happy day,
And your anxiety, he ceases.

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