Ten Amazing Websites You Wish You Knew Before 2019

The Internet is home to a copious amount of websites, so sometimes really useful ones get lost in the huge sea of more popular sites. In this article, we will look at 10 amazing websites you never knew existed.


For our programming friends out there, this website will allow you to take your coding skills up a notch in a fun way by coding a browser-based game. You can select from up to 25 coding language and create a multiplayer game to play with your friends.


Have you ever asked yourself how long can your food or beverage last while staying safe and tasty? StillTasty’s got an answer for you. Using this site, you can find what is the best way to store your food and beverages, their shelf life, and learn some tips as well.


Let’s be realistic, is there someone who never had a problem with math? Nobody? I thought so. When you run into a math problem, usually getting only the final answer will never cut it. Cymath will not only solve most math problems you throw at it, but it will also display all the steps needed in order to solve that problem. If you still need more help, cymath also got you covered. For $5 a month, cymath will not only show you the steps taken to solve a problem (the how), but also explain them (the why). The app is also available for both iOS and Android. Now go ace your math test, genius!


Research assignments can’t become any easier that with this website. Do you remember when you needed to paste some Wikipedia text into your research and had to spend countless minutes removing the annotations and the blue links? With gwiki you will never need to do that again. Just copy-paste the link of the wikipedia article you are going to use, and the whole article will be stripped of superscripts, hyperlinks, and footnotes. Beware: doing this will still get you in trouble for plagiarism. Understanding the material and writing it with your own words will always be the best way to complete a research.


This is the road to the effortless designing. With gravit designer you can design and edit your images directly through your browser without the need to download any software. If you need more help, their YouTube channel is filled with tutorials covering anything you might need. Now go help that media committee in your nearest charity organization.


If you’ve ever found yourself torn between the food choices (which one has fewer calories or a higher amount of protein for your gym necessities), we got you covered. TwoFoods allows you to compare the nutritional value of any two food items. Are you ready for the big reveal? McDonald’s Big Mac got fewer calories than the Burger King‘s Whopper. Go see it for yourself.


To our movie lovers out there: we understand your pain. You have just watched a movie and you’re completely lost on what to watch next. You really liked it and want something similar. Movie Map is there for you – just enter the title and watch the magic unfold. The closer the titles to your movie, the more likely they are similar. Movie Map is a great companion for your movie binge watching weekend – you know, the one when you are supposed to be studying at your friends’ house.


Sitting at home looking for the next DIY project for the kids you are going to meet in a week and running out of ideas? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. Whether you need a DIY project for adults or youngsters, instructables is the best place to go. After all, their motto is “how to make anything”.


Ever needed to use a website for just a couple of minutes and it required to sign up to access the content? We all did. Most probably, you won‘t ever need that website again, and thus you don’t want it infesting your mailbox with spam. 10minutemail creates an email address for you that will last … yes, exactly 10 minutes – you guessed it, you absolute genius. After 10 minutes ,that email will disappear; you provided the website no info on your real account and secured the access you needed.


Last but not least, the most useless website ever created. This website is in the list just for fun, but believe me – you will never get sick of it. If you are just sitting there with nothing to do and want to burn some time, visit this website and click on “please”, then enjoy. Rinse and repeat for a better experience.


We hope you liked the list and we are looking forward to more endeavors with you guys. Is there any specific website in your mind that we did not feature? Make sure to keep it to yourself – just kidding. We appreciate all the comments we receive so please feel free to include it in the comments while telling us how awesome we are.




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