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Located in Lehfed, the Youth village is a place for every person who wants to connect with God. For every person who wants to be a leader and make a change within himself and others, for every person who wants to meet his friends, Christian with Muslim, Christian with Christian, Muslim with Muslim. People from the North with others from the South, Beqaa residents with Beirut residents. In this village we are going to break the barrier and build bridges, we are going to wipe away the fear from deep within and plant openness. In this village we will be fond of praying even more and go even deeper to reach our Savior, our God.

It has been the movement’s dream to realize this project since 2005 and all the efforts are being gathered to make this dream come true.

Saint Paul Movement Annual Dinner 2018 is one of the Youth Village main fundraising events. Come and join us friends and family, Friday, November 9 2018 at Le Royaume – Kleiat at 8:30 pm to enjoy yourself and have a blast. This event will not only reunite our big family but will also help us in building our long awaited Youth Village in Lehfed.

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